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This is where the rubber meets the road, right? We've been in the studio, recording tunes for our upcoming album. Here's a sneak peak at what we've been working on. These are Real Audio files; if you need the Real Player, click at the link at the bottom and they'll set ya up. Enjoy.

Who's On Deck - This is written by Smitty (trombone) in the style of ever groovin' "Crusaders". Maybe if you're nice, he'll explain the title. Bill Stone (guitar) throws down the gauntlet right from the beginning.

Ocean's Eleven - Written by Dave Matsen (sax) and no, it's not inspired by the Steven Soderbergh movie. Rather, it was written a couple of years earlier, inspired by the original Ocean's Eleven movie with the Rat Pack doin' their 60's kinda thing. Dedicated to Frank Sinatra, may his royal grooviness forever wave. Wa?!? Kevin Allen (bass) and Mike Murphy (drums) set up a fat, greasy groove.

Moanin' - This Bobby Timmons tune with words by the great Jon Hendricks features the charming Marcía (pronounced marceeya). Anyway, this is based on a Karrin Allyson arrangement and everyone gets to shine a little bit on this one.

The Sidewinder - Bill Stone has always loved this Lee Morgan standard and we can see why. How much more groovy can you get? Check out Mike Murphy's riffs before the last verse.

Let's Stay Together - Al Green. Al Green. Al Green.

Bloodshot Eyes - Marcía flipped when she heard Pat Benatar's version of this Wynonie Harris classic. She threatened us with bodily harm if we didn't record this. We were happy to comply.

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